Drone FAQs

What should I do if I lost my drone when flying?

Drones frequently move past control range, become difficult to control and eventually fly away. Therefore, it is very important to have a drone which you can track, has one key return feature, or go for an app that you can connect to the drone software to keep a tract of its position.

Make sure that you switch the throttle off as soon as you cannot control it, as it will make your drone fall at the very place, making it easier to locate further.

The beginners who use toy drones can tie a string and let the drone elevate slowly in order to track them easily when they cannot see them further.

What Kind of Drones Do You Need to Register Under UAS Registration?

The drone which weigh more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds have to be registered with FAA under UAS Registration. UAS is a Unmanned Aircraft System which just another “Model Aircraft” if it can fly sustainably in the atmosphere, flies in the visual line of sight of the operator and is used for recreational purposes.

Cautions for Lipo Battery Usage

  • Never fall for the cheap, used batteries, they can be harmful for your drone’s working
  • Once fluffy, take proper action for disposal of the battery
  • Use the right LiPo battery balance charger
  • To store the LiPo batteries use a proper metal ammo, safety bag or fire proof container.
  • When it comes to carrying Lithium Polymer batteries on aircrafts, make sure that you have them taped and carry them with you rather than checking them in with luggage.
  • Never leave them unattended while they are charging
  • Never overcharge a LiPo battery or discharge it completely.
  • Always sore them at room temperature as they can easily catch fire with sudden change in air pressure or temperature.

How will you know if the drone battery is charged?

The light on the USB charger goes off when you are charging the battery, and it will turn on green or red, when the charge is complete.

What Are the Advantages of Buying A 6-Axis Gyro Drone?

A Multi Gyro is an electronic device which senses the movement of the drone, its rotation and creates an algorithm within to keep the drone stable to enable you to take perfect shots and clear videos.

How to get your drone license for commercial use?

If you want to use your drone for commercial photography, you can get it registered with FAA, that is, Federal Aircraft Authority of United States. While most heavy weight and professional drones need registration, recreational or toy drones can be flown without any.

Drone Accessories

You can upgrade your drone by buying following accessories:

  • Spare LiPo batteries, to increase the flight time of the drone
  • Better Camera, for better quality images than the one which was already attached to it
  • USB charger
  • AA or AAA batteries for the controller
  • Spare set of propellers or blades
  • Micro SD or TF cards for storage
  • Drone Case
  • VR Headset for First Person View
  • Gimbal to make camera movable

What does “equipped with a key return & headless security system” feature mean?

One Key Return and Headless Mode are two very user-friendly features in a drone, which keep the owner from losing the drone to armature flying.

One Key Return is the feature which ensures that when the weather is turning unfavourable for flying or the battery is about to die, the quadcopter will return to the location of the remote control with the press of a key.

Headless mode makes it easier to control the drone as it enables the pilot to move it in the direction of the stick on the radio control, irrespective of where the ‘head’ or ‘nose’ of the drone is facing.

What is Altitude Hold feature of a drone and why is it useful?

Altitude hold feature in a drone is a blessing for beginners who are learning to operate a drone. It enables a drone to hold its position and altitude in the sky when the user releases the throttle.

While, controlling an RC car is easier with just speed and direction to worry about, altitude is the third dimension which comes into play while flying a RC drone. Therefore, Altitude hold saves the drone from collisions or crash.

Are there restrictions with respect to the spaces in which I can fly a drone?

Yes, there are certain NO Fly Zones where civilians are not permitted to fly recreational UAV drones:

  • Military areas where drone’s signals can interfere with radio communication and can capture confidential information
  • Ares near helipad and airports where signals from radio control can interfere with and disturb radio communication between aircrafts and Aircraft Traffic Control.

Can I take this on an airplane?

There is a marked difference between toy quadcopters and serious professional ones. While airlines never question having a toy drone on board, they are cautious about professional drones. But most of them allow these drones on board on the condition that you should carry them with you and should be compact enough to fit the overhead bin or underneath the seat.

When it comes to carrying Lithium Polymer batteries, make sure that you have them taped and carry them with you on aircraft as with a sudden change in the temperature or air-pressure they can catch fire.

Drone vs Quadcopter

Well, drones and quadcopters have been terms used interchangeably since quadcopters came into being. Drone as a term has a much wider scope. Any Unnamed Aerial Vehicle, Unnamed Ground Vehicle, or Unnamed Spacecraft, when used for surveillance, is classified as a drone. They may be RC Helicopters or RC Cars.

When recreational quadcopters were not very popular, drones were specifically used for military purposes, not for civil recreation. But since quadcopters began to hover in the skies everywhere, people started referring to them as drones. While quadcopters are just a type of recreational UAV with 4 propellers.

Thus, calling a quadcopter, a drone is not wrong but calling a drone a quadcopter is.