7 Tips You Should Follow Maintain Your Favorite Drone

Drones are without a doubt, the most amusing of all RC Controlled gadgets available today. They will let you take cool aerial shots, record all the action from breath-taking heights and can cost a fortune! Therefore, it is important that you follow the following tips to take care of your drone so that you rule the skies for longer!


1. Clean Them Regularly

Cleaning a drone is not much of an ado. Here are various steps you can take to keep your drone working as good as new.

  • Brush the debris away: Dirt and debris stick to the propellers and motors. If not cleaned, they will make the drone lose its charm, therefore, do keep a soft brush or piped-cleaners (canned air) handy to get rid of it. With canned air, you will be able to reach the tight corners and clean circuits as well!
  • Next, if you are willing to disassemble the entire drone for a thorough cleaning, use a micro fiber cloth dipped in isopropyl alcohol. Wiping the drones shell with this will help you get rid of bug guts, dirt, grass stains etc.

Another thing you want to do after cleaning your drone is to lubricate the motors with a 3-in-1 lubricant for a smoother flight.

2. Do a Pre-Flight Check

Doing a pre-flight check is especially important in the case of drones among other gadgets like RC cars or boats, because they are 100 feet away from you and 200 feet above ground. You need be sure whether it will come back in your hands safely or not! Here are a few tips for a pre-flight check:

  • First, select a clear, open space where your drone is less likely to ram into trees, cars, buildings, animals or people!
  • Next, check whether the propeller blades are in good condition, if chipped or damaged, get them replaced ASAP!
  • Calibrate the drone, check whether the propellers are working fine and responding to the throttle.

And abide by the rules of the country and the state you are flying it in.

3. Charge the Battery Completely Before Flying

Almost all quadcopter drones come with rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries, and one has to be very cautious while using them. Using them with complete charge is one of the main precautions you have to take with them.

Check out Drone FAQs to know more about the use of LiPo Batteries!

4. Keep the Propellers Clean

Cleaning the propellers after every flight might sound taxing to you, but trust us, this is the only way you can protect them from damage and keep them running smoothly.

So, spray them with canned air to get rid of dirt and debris, lubricate them with a lubricant and fix them back on the drone.

5. Let the Motors Rest and Clean Them Too!

Yes, drones are uber fun. Then again, you don’t want to wear out the motor early, so give the motor of your favorite drone some time to cool down before you go for a re-run because that might exhaust the motors.

Cleaning the motors and circuit should be done with utmost care because they are electronic parts. You can use canned air to get any sand or debris out of the motor.

6. If the Circuit Breaks

If the circuit of your drone breaks down, a soldering iron and a diagram of the circuit will do the trick for hobbyists and professionals, while beginners should contact customer support. This issue may arise in case of any drones (not only the cheaper drones).

How do Drones Work?

A central flight controller is connected to 4 motors, in the case of quadcopters via speed controllers. The signals from the RC controller are received by the central flight controller which further commands the action of the speed controllers.

Motors draw power from the LiPo batteries, which depends upon the size, speed, rotation and pitch of the propellers.

It is the central flight controller which is equipped with gyro and accelerometer, which stabilizes the drone when the speed gets fluctuated.

7. Software Up-gradation Is Important

Now that you know that flight controller plays a very important role in working of the drone, you should make sure that you keep the software up-to-date. All you have to do is connect the device to your tablet or computer through USB cable and download software updates in it.

It is also advised to keep the supporting app updated to get the maximum advantage of its connectivity.

So, now by following the above tips, you can make sure that your drone’s performance never declines!