Quadcopter Force1 UDI U818A For A Steady And Longer Flight

One of the most affordable toy drones available in the market, the Quadcopter Force1 UDI U818A  For A Steady And Longer Flight is the perfect gift for your child. This drone with ease of functionality as well as longer flight time offers a plentitude of fun and excitement as it moves amidst the blues with … Read More »

Force1 U45W Blue Jay Drone with VR Headset Compatibility Review

The Force1 U45W Blue Jay is even more fancy than it sounds, with the new upgrade which introduces VR compatibility, and Wi-Fi Front Person View feature. It has a headless mode, 360 eversions, navigation LED lights and a lot more! You’d naturally think that this could be only flown by experienced professionals, but you’re wrong- … Read More »