The Outstanding QCopter Quadcopter Drone

One of the best drones for beginners, The QCopter Quadcopter Drone is a funky new flying gadget which would suffice your basic photography and scanning needs. Available in a funky look with great stabilizations controls, this gadget would become easily the next favorite thing of yours. Primary Specifications Control Range 4-5 Metres Flight Duration 30 … Read More »

Quadcopter Force1 UDI U818A For A Steady And Longer Flight

One of the most affordable toy drones available in the market, the Quadcopter Force1 UDI U818A  For A Steady And Longer Flight is the perfect gift for your child. This drone with ease of functionality as well as longer flight time offers a plentitude of fun and excitement as it moves amidst the blues with … Read More »

Syma X8W-V3 with 6-Axis Flight Control Systems

Similar to DJI Phantom series in its appearance, the Syma X8W-V3 is a modified version rather the successor to the previous X8C. This drone has come as a boon for people who were looking for FPV variant of the previous version and can now enjoy features such as aerial photography etc. To see what advances … Read More »

Elevate Your Imagination with DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

DJI drones have always been a huge success amongst the users. The design, the configuration, the durability; everything about the products they manufacture is top class. Adding another product to its inventory DJI launches Phantom 4, a drone which which has about a revolution in the field of drone flying and professional aerial photography. Primary … Read More »

DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD – A Powerful Quadcopter

If you wish to pursue a career in aerial photography and or have a passion for same, then there is no product better than the DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD. Designed as well as launched to meet the standards and as well as fall into an affordable price range with best-in-class features, this drone sure will suffice … Read More »

DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone with Real Time Transmission

One of the first drones to have virtual reality compatibility, DBPOWER MJX X400W Drone is a great gadget for the ones new to the world of drone flying. With features such as FPV as well as LED lights attached for detection during the night, it sure can become your favorite in no time. Primary Specifications … Read More »

DBPOWER FPV Version U818A Drone with Long Fly Time

DBPOWER FPV Version U818A Drone is an amazing drone for aerial photography while you get the first person view of everything the camera captures. With amazing specs and features, this drone sure wouldn’t disappoint you in any manner. Primary Specifications Control Range 50-80 metres Flight Duration 6-9 Minutes Recharge Duration 120 Minutes Battery 3.7V 700mAh … Read More »

Syma X5SW-V3 Drone with HD Wi-Fi Camera

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of drones, Syma has come with yet another variant of its already successful X5 range of toy drones, Syma X5SW-V3 Drone with HD Wi-Fi Camera. Accompanied with an additional FPV (First Person View) Technology, this drone costa a little more than its counterparts however, sure does have a lot … Read More »

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone: Built to Last

If there is any quadcopter which would give competition to the DJI’s Phantom then it probably X star premium. With easy to use controls, as well as the amplitude of features included, this drone sure is one of the best you can get for aerial photography. Primary Specifications Control Range 100 metres Flight Duration 9-12 … Read More »

Force1 U45W Blue Jay Drone with VR Headset Compatibility Review

The Force1 U45W Blue Jay is even more fancy than it sounds, with the new upgrade which introduces VR compatibility, and Wi-Fi Front Person View feature. It has a headless mode, 360 eversions, navigation LED lights and a lot more! You’d naturally think that this could be only flown by experienced professionals, but you’re wrong- … Read More »